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I have always been passionate about health and fitness and the well-being of the WHOLE person. A large part of my working life spent nursing in Auckland gave me such a variety of experiences of the complexity in people’s lives leading me to private one on one nursing.

This passion has helped me overcome several health issues of my own and through my recovery I realised “MIND OVER MATTER” plays a huge part in the healing process. Taking back my own responsibility for my health and well-being opened up so many doors and made the unknown the known by stepping through one door at a time.

I had come so very close to departing this life that even through the assistance of medication, supplementation and surgeries there was still something missing…hence – “BACK TO BALANCE” – to rediscover the balance of emotions be it anxiety, low confidence, etc. etc. etc.

My happy place is being on the water, my younger years surfing and now kayaking and paddle boarding. It takes balance – RIGHT? Yet life can unbalance us many times and in many different ways. I found that the mind-body connection was the missing link that I had been searching for. I took back my health and in doing so I have been working in the natural health sector for the last 8 years while nursing my Dad and raising my two now teenage children.


How I Can

Help You


To discuss what you would like to achieve, and how I can help you!

15 mins

Initial Consultation

Each session will be specifically catered to you and what you wish to achieve.

2 hrs

“Had the best time at my son's wedding, I wasn't nervous at all and nailed my speech. Was surprised at how not nervous I was, and apart from my legs shaking, my voice didn't show it, no one knew and I got a lot of compliments on my speech afterwards. I know for certain that I would not have been able to do it so confidently without your session. Thank you so much!”


“I am so grateful to Lee as she has given me a number of strategies to overcome my performance anxieties, that have plagued me for a number of years. She is intuitive, compassionate and has a wonderful ability to help me see my full potential. I can now teach, coming from a place of calmness, instead of experiencing sleepless nights, gut wrenching fear and self-doubt.”


“Lee is a caring and warm individual. An excellent and kindhearted teacher who is wholehearted, committed and genuinely wants to help people. I've loved my one on one sessions with her as they have opened up so many opportunities, benefiting me in health, career, and personal growth. It has helped me move forward in all aspects of my life with a clearer point of view and direction”