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Passionate About Helping Others

Striking up conversations with people, be it waiting for a coffee, out and about or at work - that’s me! Looking back now, losing my mum at an early age made me grow up way too quickly, however it also gave me the ability to be open-minded with an understanding and appreciation of just how fragile life can be.

Throughout my nursing career and living in Auckland I had so much variety and always enjoyed a challenge so my passion to help people only increased along with a good bed side manner, and a great sense of humour as laughter is healing on its own.

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Fitness has always played an important part in my life, I've trained and competed in body building. The biggest hurdle with competing was the challenge I had with myself to be stage ready! I had a timeframe, a goal and once I set my mind to do something I do it, so I was successful and I can look back at the photos with a smile. Outdoor adventures I've always enjoyed. We have so much to see and do in New Zealand having travelled and worked in both the North and South Island, I've certainly been fortunate to have explored a lot, whether it be hiking, water sport, or a good road trip. I struck gold in the South Island with my two treasures, whom are now teenagers and getting ready to start their own adventures in life.

Surviving my own health issues took a few years to work through. During this period, my spare time was spent reading and learning about cognitive diversity – how we approach problems and think about things that shape our identities. I had nothing to lose and a great deal to gain as this newfound learning helped me with my recovery.

I had the privilege to nurse my dad at home while raising my two children, the best of both worlds, my children got to have the quality time with their poppa while they could and I got to have my dad with us.

And then there is the flip side right, losing loved ones is never easy there is no time frame for the stages we go through with grieving and as we move through the stages, we get more clarity and strength.

Returning to work I was fortunate to work in the Natural Health sector, again meeting people, assisting in life style changes so very rewarding. Thanks to a very dare friend that had supported me through grief and some big curve balls in life, she recommended training in NLP. I pondered the idea and when the time was right, I did just that and have never looked back.

Life is all about relationships and our first and most important relationship is with oneself. We tend to forget this and look outside of ourselves for validation, happiness, companionship or whatever...

“...if you want to be whole, healed and balanced, focus on yourself - YOUR UNIQUE SELF.

Lee Flavell

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