An Untameable Woman

A Message to the Handler

She leads with her HEART beginning free spirited, independent, strong, and passionate. She appears to be the kind of women that is too much for “most men”. A certain mischief a wilderness in her eyes keeps her fire constantly burning in her soul turning ground hog day into an adventure of many sorts. Highly intuitive her emotional intelligence runs deep challenging you out of your comfort zone purely because she sees beyond the surface and knows how life can be too short not to live it completely. A shell of a man simply will not do.

A red flag to many but if you can look at her and feel an equal mix of excitement and fear then you may just be ready to embark on the quest to earn her heart.

Yes, she has been through hell and back and is not scared to say how she sees it, there is no place for bullshit so do not even try. Communicate openly and directly as you can. Never cage her in, she will break free and rebel.

"You cannot seek to tame her."

She has picked the pieces of herself up and come back even better than before. Believing she is the only person she can rely on “HERSELF” she works on her own insecurities and will expect you to also enhance forward growth together.

She is looking for someone genuine and will want to know what you are feeling and why. Trust is especially important to her, which takes time to build through an unpredictable world and certainly requires stability through the high and lows of life. Be patient and give her the freedom and understanding that you are not going anywhere.

The fire in her soul cannot be damped down, stand next to her as an equal, her partner in crime, for the love she gives to the one that is able to allow her to be her is enough to ignite your passion while keeping you both warm in the coldest times.

Loving an untameable woman may not be easy but is so worth it.

Run wild with her...