This Year...a Poem by a Friend!

This year sucks!

What a year it has been

who could have foreseen

what was ahead

when we went off to bed,

On the eve of a brand new year.

It started off OK

as we went out to play

in the sun, at the beach

life was a peach!

As January came to an end.

Then alarming reports

we heard from all sorts

as we read all the news

it gave us all the blues.

As February’s weeks flew by.

None of us will forget

what happened next,

a brand new normal

life became quite abnormal.

By March we were in lockdown.

And some people we knew

stocked up on paper for the loo

and bought up all the flour,

their share and ours.

But we stayed at home as was asked.

But the Easter Bunny came

to help keep us all sane.

In our windows stood bears

and poppies that we shared

April was gone - away went the sun.

Can we even remember

May to September,

a rollercoaster it’s been

for all the months in between

Who knows now what level we’re in?

But put a smile on your face

because whatever the case

this eventually will end

so, share a joke with your friends.

Yay! Santa will soon be in town