To Change or Not to Change!

It all starts with YOU!

One thing I have learnt in life so far is you cannot fix another person’s motivation to change unless that person themselves wants that change. You cannot fix a problem that is not yours to fix, and being a parent, or a friend you do so wish you could fix that problem for them and magically take their pain away. Yet it takes the individual themselves to realise and appreciate that they are truly first and foremost responsible for themselves. Only then when they ask for help, they need to achieve their desired outcome can we help.

Simply put we are the only ones that can kick our own butts and push on forward with our plans, goals and turning our dreams into reality, be it: Eat better, exercise more, improve relationships, recover from addictions, procrastination, and so on. We all have patterns of living that once may have served us well and even enjoyed however now it is not so enjoyable. The reality is that nothing changes unless something changes.

Building the RIGHT support network along the way does make a huge difference, be it family, friends, or even a pet, yes, a pet, they are loyal companions after all. And again, it is entirely your choice as this is what determines your success! It takes tremendous courage to ask for help when needed and certainly shows an admirable strength in an individual.

It all starts with YOU, be true to YOU.

I have on the front of my fridge now a quote:

"If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you."

Some days I like it, some days I have to suck it up basically because a challenge puts you outside of your comfort zone into new territory, beginning the unknown. You know there is something you want to change; you also know that it is going to take sitting in that uncomfortable zone to do so and appreciating not all days will be fantastic. I have found I will sit and contemplate a change and only when I have a mind map set, I start. However, I do succeed because I am doing it for ME. This year is a perfect example of being out of one’s own comfort zone, so it's ok to feel a tad wobbly. For myself, this year is all about CHANGE, be it on the personal scale right to the business scale.

We owe it to ourselves to start somewhere right! and do SOMETHING towards achieving this change. And through my experience with change it is also pleasantly surprising just what else may change alongside it.

Is it determination, strength, a better understanding, more love, belief of oneself that is required or utilised? What is a word that fits your vocabulary for this? What will it take for you to change that certain part in your life that is not working as good as it should?

As a coach I offer individualised solutions that help get you, the client achieve real results. If you would like assistance and would like to work together for the solution, please contact me here.