May You Always Have The Freedom To Be Yourself!

Finding Emotional Freedom

This is a quote I have had on my bedroom wall, growing up as a young teen. I still have it in a photo album today. My life time quote that resonates with me, we grow up and so does what we class as freedom to be oneself.

What will it take for you to have the freedom to be yourself?

Are you dependent on someone to feel safe, loveable and worthy? Needing others approval to make you feel ok?

Yes, we all need support during challenging times and it is important to find that support! But that is different than making others RESPONSIBLE for YOU!

When you unconsciously rely on others to make you feel ok, you create an environment where many relationship problems can emerge. Life is all about relationships and our first one is with ONESELF. We tend to forget this and look outside of ourselves for validation, happiness, companionship or whatever giving away our own power we blame others if something feels wrong becoming emotionally dependent, we give away our own strength and resilience inside to stand strong in who we are as ourselves. 

Yet at times you feel strong and can handle these challenges, you are pragmatic and develop a game plan. You acknowledge that you may be disappointed or sad about what is happening, but you are not falling apart. Having the EMOTIONAL FREEDOM enables you to be strong and to take RESPONSIBILITY for managing your difficult painful feelings and not having to rely on others to make you feel ok, you would never have to be at the mercy of someone else's approval.

We all need love and acceptance of who we are, and support, most importantly we owe it to treat ourself first with more respect. To put yourself first you would know what to do to be loving to yourself and others, you would know just the right things to say to protect your boundaries and be kind. Becoming emotionally independent - you don't need anyone to tell you that you are ok in order to feel confident, worthy or valued, you already feel strong and resilient.

Life is certainly for living right! Learning to be ones best friend throughout life certainly encourages freedom!


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